Nicole Short - Owner, Inner Freedom Now.

Nicole Short is a multi-faceted practitioner who works to empower people to their own state of inner calmness.

From a young age Nicole felt different, not connecting with the world around her the way others seemed to be able to do easily. Nicole had great difficulty understanding why her system was so sensitive and why she would intuitively know the internal state of others around her. She also had clairvoyant experiences seeing animals and shining lights, which appeared to be from another dimension. Chalking this up to an overactive imagination, she didn't realize the magnitude of the gifts God had presented her with. She was diagnosed with ADHD and often acted out in aggressive ways because the amount of information coming in was more than she could understand.  She didn't realize the significance of such gifts until much later in life. 
Her intense internal state led her to numb these gifts so that she could feel the same as those around her.

In 2003 she experienced a dynamic life change, initiating a spiritual journey that brought her back to her natural abilities. This is what initiated her path of service to others, which has been her driving force since. To Nicole’s shock in 2006 her first-born son was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, a language-based learning disability and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Her son also experienced extreme anxiety attacks, which were to say the least disheartening. The emotional distress she experienced upon hearing this news brought her into a feeling of deep hopelessness and depression. 
Not sure of what to do, and connecting with God for answers, she trusted that there would be relief for herself and her family. At this time God started her on the journey to find natural ways to provide solutions. There were many visits to naturopaths, herbalists, and many different types of energy healers. Nicole began with Reiki, which gave her the basic knowledge of energy, chakra systems and opened the door to remote healing. She took classes in etheric cord cutting, Heart Resonance Therapy, Angel Tarot Card Reading and The Yuen Method. Nicole has studied the Yuen Method intensely since 2011 and was certified as a Yuen Mastery Practitioner in 2013.

Nicole has found the Yuen Method to be the glue with her other modalities and has heightened her intuition to new levels. This journey has brought about intense internal freedom and guided her to her true purpose in the world. With the solutions which God has provided her, Nicole is doing her part in empowering others to be their own infinite potential.






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