"Nicole has helped me with a number of problems, such as fear, worry, sickness, and other problems. She has really been a help to my concerns and fears and I would recommend her to any child or adult in mental peril.  She's awesome!"
Calvin R. 12 Years old

"Dear Nicole;
I just want to thank you so much. I had acute pain in my back and hip Friday evening ,in so much that my husband wanted to take me to hospital.  I refused the hospital and would call to you.   I phoned you Saturday morning Nov 10 and you gave me some Instructions to follow. I did follow these and to my surprise the severe pain has left my body. it is Monday November 12 and I continue to be pain controlled.  I continue to follow your instructions. Thank you again."

"Nicole introduced the Yuen Method a little less than a year ago; I had no idea what it entailed. I was immediately calmed by Nicole’s strength to applying The Yuen Method on my son through me. My son Jacob 11 has had chronic ear infections, surgeries, & pain. We had undergone various methods to resolve the issues in his ears with no solutions. After one session with Nicole my son had a huge shift! We went on trip where he did a lot of swimming; usually this resulted in a huge ear infection. When we returned he said “Momma, my ears don’t hurt anymore, I have no pain”. It occurred to me that the work Nicole did on my son worked, finally my little boys has relief. He just had a visit at the Doctor and the first time in many years he is completely clear of infections and irritation. I’m so grateful for The Yuen Method, and for Nicole bringing it into our lives. Nicole has had made tremendous positive changes in my life in so many ways!"
Denene Robinson

"I first met Nicole as a fellow parent at our sons' school, and have since had the good fortune to get to know her as both a friend and as a highly-gifted energy practitioner.  She is very strongly intuitive and well-trained and experienced in energy work and Reiki.  She blends compassion and caring with expertise and professionalism. She is part of a movement of people who are truly making a difference in peoples' lives by addressing the whole of a person, including their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.  I recommend her whole-heartedly.” 
Remy McKenzie

"In our first session over the phone Nicole uncovered an early childhood trauma that needed to be released. Buried resentment and hurt that left me repeating unwanted patterns in my adult life.  During our second session it became clear that my core inner joy was dim and after her work I awoke the next day feeling energized and clear. There was a new spark of happiness!  I'm very grateful to you Nicole. Your heart is so full of love.  Thank you for sharing that with us!
Namaste, "
Jo Ysteboe, 54 years old

"Nicole has been a turning point in my sons life. My son has suffered for years from panic anxiety, irrational fears, depression, and violent outbursts.  He has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, adhd, and a learning disability.  Since going to Nicole (over the phone for the most part) his life has had a positive shift.  He is no longer on the verge of being kicked out of school, he is able to sleep alone in his room all night long, he only gets triggered sometimes into a panic attack and usually calls Nicole when this happens.  I have seen him go from screaming and crying in fear and pain from a migraine to breathing calmly, migraine gone, fear gone.  It truly is a miracle that Nicole has been put into our lives.  My son no longer sees his high sensitivities as a deficit and instead sees them as a gift and something that he can learn to use to help others.  Thank you so much Nicole.  It's not everyone that my son opens up to and trusts and you have been one of those people that he has chosen to walk his path with."

"Nicole has helped me with services that she offers. When I was pregnant I had severe hip and lower back pain and she used Reiki to help with the pain and to my relief it was removed. She has also used the Yuen Method in giving me direction in career choices and I have found it to be both inspirational and accurate."

Nicole is a very gifted intuitive.She can tap into situations and people very quickly.She has helped me so much with issues I have had and with my daughter.She has a great ability to get to the core issues.I appreciate her very much for all she has done to benefit my life and my daughters as well.
Thank you so much Nicole.
Valerie Pearson

Nicole has helped realize that my fears and past pain can be overcome. Every single time she has applied the Yuen Method to my anxiety, I have experienced an immediate shift in perception and level of pain. In addition, without me even telling her what was going on for me, she has intuited my experience and offered healing solutions for me and my two-year-old daughter. Because of our work together, I am becoming a more confident person - slowly, but surely. 
Melissa B.

Nicole Short at Inner Freedom was AMAZING!  I left my appointment with her feeling physically "lighter". The next morning was even better.  I woke up with energy, clarity and excitement to handle the concerns that had been "weighing" me down.   Thank-you Nicole 
I'll be back,
Nicole Gillies

"Hey Nicole,
I wanted to thank you for my Yuen Session. Whatever it is that you did is working. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I feel closer and more connected. Thank you! I am looking forward to our next session."
Shannon Lehman

"Hello Nicole,
Something  has changed in me after our session. I was going back to my Dr. to get medication for my acid reflex. I decided to hold off and I have not had to take anything. It has improved so much. Thanks Nicole."
Michelle Robinson
Nicole's combination of her natural intuitive nature, reiki certification, Yuen Mastery and her profound connection to the Angelic realm creates a unique and powerful space for healing, growth and awareness. I have experienced first hand over and over again the depths of this healing my life: in particular during difficult times when no other healing methods have worked. Nicole is a practitioner that can assist in leading you to truth and freedom. One session will speak for itself. 
Doula Pearce