Yuen Master & Reiki Practitioner 


What is the Yuen Method?

The Yuen method is an energy modality on the cutting edge of non- traditional medicine. Founded by Dr. Kam Yuen, a Shaolin Martial arts master, NASA engineer and chiropractor. This method instantly brings relief to people suffering from physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and psychic blocks. The Yuen method instantly clears blocked energy at the root of a problem putting the body back into homoeostasis at quantum speed. This allows the perfect flow of chi energy. When the chi energy is flowing in harmony the body goes into its natural state. This relieves pain on all levels allowing you to live at your 100% infinite potential.

How Does the Yuen Method Work?

The human body works like a binary computer. You are either switched on, which is being strong to something or switched off which means being weak to something. The central nervous system (CNS) is the hard drive of your computer. Every event that has ever occurred in your life makes an imprint on the CNS. This occurs whether you are conscious of the event or not.  All the information stored in the CNS then has an impact on your peripheral  nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), or soft drive, of your computer. A practitioner can communicate with you through the Unified energy field or the higher self network which is like the Internet of our computer. The practitioner identifies the underlying weakness in the client. This is done by the client communicating  what's currently happening for them and the practitioner identifying the  weaknesses. Then the practitioner turns on the switch. This allows the client to be strong, and when you're strong the body changes  instantly. It is much like turning on a light switch located within our CNS. The energetic shift happens as the correction is given so results will be immediate. This is because the body is a natural self-healing,or changing, mechanism. The body is either regenerating (healing) or degenerating (breaking down). Healing is a process of accessing the cause of the imbalance or underlying weakness then returning the client to balance in their body, mind and spirit. This allows the body to have homoeostasis and in this state healing is rapid.

With this modality you can instantly clear energy that blocks you from living to your full potential. Whether you have a chronic illness or would like to rise above your current best you  can energetically clear the way. Having complete freedom from old thought patterns gives you the key to having  a strong future for you, your family and children.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on form of healing which is both gentle and powerful. It is an ancient technique that was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. The word reiki is Japanese and means universal life energy. This is the power which lives in all created matter. Broken down, the word reiki has two parts . The first part, rei, means universal and the second part is ki which means life force energy. This life force energy is described by different words in different cultures. For example in China it's referred to as chi.

How Does Reiki Work?

In reiki the life force energy travels through the reiki channel (this is opened by a series of attunements which can only be done by a reiki master) down through the crown of head flowing through the upper chakras, then continues down the arms and radiates out of the practitioners hands and into the client.

Reiki will bring change and balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. When we are connected to life force energy we are brought back into balance and we feel vibrant, alive and healthy. When we have an energetic block on the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual levels the manifestation of a block could be anything from the slightest affliction like a headache to a serious illness. The use of reiki in any of these situations can bring miraculous relief. This is because, as the universal life energy is brought into the body, the energy is put back into balance. When the bodies ki, or chi, is in flow we regain our own natural ability to heal. Feeling balanced, alive and in harmony within ourselves and our surroundings. Reiki energy will adjust itself to each individual, including animals identifying with their unique needs.

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