Would you like to remove stress and pain from your life?

Would you like to have improved intuition and strong insight allowing you to live your life with more freedom and flow?

Inner Freedom Now believes that everyone has the power and potential to access the knowledge and insight that will lead to the relief and elimination of struggles.

Inner Freedom Now is owned and operated by Nicole Short. Nicole is a Certified Yuen Mastery Practitioner, a Certified Angel Card Reader and a Reiki Practitioner. Nicole uses all of these modalities along with intuitive guidance to help you discover your own causes of discomfort. When the true cause of an issue is found you can instantly clear what blocks you from living at your infinite potential. These methods will bring instant relief to stress and pain. Bring clarity and freedom to your relationships, life purpose, finances, health and emotional well-being. Inner Freedom Now will assist you to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance and harmony.

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